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The ZooTrophy Animal-a-Day project began on October 15th, 2013 as illustrator Angela "LemurKat" Oliver began working her way, systematically but selectively, through the alphabet and presenting, via social media, an illustrated animal to the world. Daily.

All pieces are drawn as 2.5 x 3.5 inch collectible cards, using a combination of polychromos and prismacolor pencils, along with other art materials. Many are still available for purchase ($10) or trade, so drop her an email if anything captures your eye or if there is an animal you wish to request.

It is predicted this project will take her at least two years to complete - with approximately 36 animals being drawn for each letter. She has also used the images to create a collectible hardback encyclopedia series, playing cards and a desk calendar, as well as the ZooTrophy collectible trading card game.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#599: Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is specially adapted for her Arctic home. Her diet is almost entirely carnivorous, with seals featuring high on the menu, although she will also take animals as large as a musk ox or as small as eggs and rodents. She is largely solitary and nomadic, not holding a territory but seeking food where she can find it. Although a large bear, she is classified as a marine mammal because of her reliance on the sea for her survival and spends many months roaming on the frozen ice shelves, occasionally diving into the ocean in pursuit of prey. When the ice begins to melt she is forced back onto solid land. Polar Bears are Vulnerable due to climate change, with the melting of the polar ice forcing them off the ice before they have developed sufficient fat reserves for the leaner months (which for them is summer) and increasing the distances of which they have to swim. It is also forcing them into closer contact with humans, as they scavenge for sustenance.

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