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The ZooTrophy Animal-a-Day project began on October 15th, 2013 as illustrator Angela "LemurKat" Oliver began working her way, systematically but selectively, through the alphabet and presenting, via social media, an illustrated animal to the world. Daily.

All pieces are drawn as 2.5 x 3.5 inch collectible cards, using a combination of polychromos and prismacolor pencils, along with other art materials. Many are still available for purchase ($10) or trade, so drop her an email if anything captures your eye or if there is an animal you wish to request.

It is predicted this project will take her at least two years to complete - with approximately 36 animals being drawn for each letter. She has also used the images to create a collectible hardback encyclopedia series, playing cards and a desk calendar, as well as the ZooTrophy collectible trading card game.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Creature Feature #421: Leopard Gecko

The Leopard Gecko can be found in the deserts of Asia, Pakistan and India. Unlike most Geckos, he possesses eyelids and therefore can actually blink, this is likely an adaptation to his dry, dusty environment. He is terrestrial and crepuscular in nature, preying on insects and other invertebrates. These he stalks, tail swishing, in much the same manner as his namesake - the Leopard. Leopard Gecko are popular in captivity and have been bred to enhance the golden colour. Wild specimens tend to be duller. His skin is very durable and shed regularly, with the old skin being consumed.

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